SW100 Marshal Information 2019

Phone numbers

Run Walk Crawl Race Phone number – 07909 373 613 & 07950 893 489

Ben 07968 899 303

Joe 07790 277 169

Pete 07974 004 875

George 07814 177 063

Event Base / Race HQ

The event base is at the following address.

The Cardiff Harlequins Rugby Club,

The Diamond Ground



CF14 7JN



General Race Notes 

Please check the forecast for the event and bring enough warm kit to remain comfortable and full body water proof cover to keep you dry should the weather be wet. Suitable footwear to keep you warm and dry with adequate grip is also advisable. A head torch or hand torch with fully charged or spare batteries is essential. If you do not have any equipment, please contact us a.s.a.p. and we can help. Please make sure you pick up a yellow safety vest from registration and use it throughout.
There are no muddy trainers allowed inside any of the facilities, so please do your best to ensure participants remove their shoes if muddy especially after the race.
Our collective aim is to facilitate the safe, smooth running of the event for competitors and other users of the route. You may need to be assertive at times, but above all else try to remain positive and encouraging. Please ask runners to keep to the left of footpaths, and leave space for any returning runners. Politely try to inform any other route users about the event. Please make everyone feel welcome, especially new, or nervous individuals. 

All runners have gps trackers on them. But please be vigilant as some time trackers stop working and we need to record/check where a runner is so we can get another tracker to them.  Please keep an eye out for anyone struggling or injured. Check that they are ok and if they need first aid assistance please follow the guidelines below. Please report any issues to the race directors at the end of the race.

Route markings. There are route markers at each major junction to facilitate participants journey around the course. Please make sure signage in and out of checkpoints and onto the route is clear as this is often the most confusing area for participants. If you here of any markings being removed please let us know a.s.a.p.

Dealing with Emergencies

We have a number of first aiders covering the event, and there should be one qualified at each checkpoint. If they are not there call their mobile immediately. 

We have one CAVRA vehicle responder will be available during the event. They will generally be roaming so if required call race HQ and we can facilitate the response. In addition we have a number of first aiders available.

First Aiders include Pete, George, Ben, Joe, Liam, Jon, Mark and some others!

In a minor injury summon the nearest first aider/or medic, call the race director. Ensure they are warm and get them in shelter from the elements if possible! (Car, building, bus shelter, out of the wind).
In a major emergency call/get help from a first aider, other runners, marshals or bye-standers. – In a major life threatening emergency call 999 if they are in the hills/on rough terrain call police and ask for mountain rescue.  If they are local, road, village, easy access, then call ambulance. Then call the race director.

Dropping Out. Please note that if anyone is injured or withdraws and they are not a  major emergency (i.e going to hospital in an ambulance) then they must wait until the last racer is through the checkpoint and the course is clear before we organize transport to base. Put them in a warm car or indoor location and keep an eye on them.  But please don’t leave your position to take them back unless relieved with another suitable person issued by the race directors. Of course, if they have family and friends to pick them up or want to get a taxi or train this is fine, and would avoid a long wait. The train network along the course is excellant so we will be utilizing that. 

Time Limit

There is a 40 hour cut-off time for runners to complete the entire SW100 course. There is a 24 hour cut off time for runners to complete the SW50 course.We are offering a 'Walkers Start', which allows for a 44 hour time limit for the SW100. For the walkers start you will set off at 3pm on Friday giving you an extra 4 hours to complete the course. Please note that if you decide to take the walkers start time and set off to quickly you will have to wait to go through the first few checkpoints as they will open based off a walkers speed. If you take the walkers start this is non-competitive which means you will not be eligible for prizes in the race!  

Participant entry requirements & experience

Both routes require participants to be self-sufficient, which means you must be able to complete the route as if without any support, carrying the appropriate compulsory kit and food and water between checkpoints.  To enter the SW 100 you need to have experience in Ultra trail racing and as a minimum you should have completed at leat one 50 mile event of similar nature, examples will be asked for on the entry form. You should be able to run comfortably and navigate at night. You will need to be totally self-sufficient throughout the event and able to make sound mountain judgment.

For the SW 50 entrants will need to be able to navigate the route using a combination of our signage, map/road book and GPS unit or watch. It is likely you will be finishing in the dark so you will need to be able to navigate and run in the dark. You will need the physical fitness to complete the event carrying the compulsory kit including food and water between checkpoints. There is no qualifying necessary for the SW50 but you must have gained the required skills and fitness levels to complete the course safely. Warning-This is a tough course with a 65% completion rate in 2016!  

Compulsory Kit

There is a compulsory kit list that must be carried. This is standard to these type of self-sufficient events.

  • Full water proof cover (top & bottom with taped seams)
  • Waterproof bag or dry bag to keep your kit dry
  • Survival bivy bag (e.g. NOTE -a blanket is not acceptable)
  • Spare long sleeve thermal midlayer top (e.g montane Fireball Smock, fleece or similar) NOTE a thin baselayer is not accepted  
  • Head torch with new batteries and 1 set of spare batteries or spare head torch
  • Full lower body cover (full leggings OR compression socks with long compression shorts acceptable)
  • Warm hat (buffs not acceptable as hat)
  • Gloves
  • Spare food minimum 400K calories for emergency and must be there at the finish
  • Mobile phone fully charged!
  • Map & road book (provided)
  • Compass (with the ability to use it)
  • Means of carrying 1 litre of water 
  • First aid kit (to include plasters, dressings, tape or bandage to secure dressing as minimum)
  • Whistle
  • Gps unit/watch/smartphone with the gps trace & spare batteries or power bank to last the entire race
  • Red LED light for rear of bag
  • Suitable trail running footwear

Event Timings


1200 Campsite & Race HQ opens

1400-1430 Walkers registration & briefing
1500 Walkers start
1600-1730 SW100 Registration & briefing at 1730

1900 SW100 Start

1930-2100 Registration re-opens for SW50 competitors

2100 Registration closes
2300 Campsite closes


0630 Registration opens SW50

0730 Registration closes
0730 Bus Departs Cardiff for Brecon
0900 SW50 Brief in Brecon
0930 SW50 start from Brecon
1700 First 100 finishers expected 
1800 First 50 competitors expected 


1100 Last finisher for SW100

1100 Last finisher for SW50

1115 Presentation

1200 Campsite and race HQ closes


Individual marshal positions and roles can be seen below. Thanks again for helping.
The Run Walk Crawl Team.

Marshal Locations

SW100 Registration


Event Setup Campsite, signs

Fri 1100

Joe, Pete, Ben

Set Up Start Gantry

Fri 1400

Ben Pete

Walkers Kit Check, Registration Brief

Fri 1400-1430


Kit Check & Registration

Fri 1600-1730

Joe, Jo Gwynne, Fiona




Walkers Start


Joe, El


Fri 1730





Load Drop Bags for CP7 Trefil


Bens Van

Load Drop Bags for CP5 Ystradfellte

Fri 1830-45

Pete s Van

SW50 Registration 


Registration Cardiff

Fri 1930-2100

Jo Gwynne, Fiona

Registration Cardiff

Sat 0630-0730

Sian, Margaret

50 Briefing  Brecon

Sat 0900

Joe, Up & Under



CP1 Llantrisant;

Fri 1730-1900 & 2030-2200

Nickie, Tim, Calissa

CP2 Glynogwr;

Fri 2000-Sat 0100

George, Delyth, Rob & Rebecca

CP3 Treorchy;

Fri 2330-Sat 0500

Liam & His Team,

CP4 Hirwaun;

Fri 2300-Sat 0800

Nickie, Tim

CP5 Ystradfellte

 Sat 0230-Sat 1100

Sean, Cled, Pete

CP6 Storey Arms;

Sat 0500-Sat 1300

Pete, James, Callisa

CP7 Talybont Res

Sat 0800-Sat 1800

George, Keri & Pauline                     

Cp 8 Trefil

Sat 1030-Sat 2200

Cath Dale, Ben Dave (1230-6), Nickie/Tim (Sat 6pm-10pm) 

Cp 9 New Tredegar 

Sat 1200-Sun 0100

Anthony W, Cled (& Pete)

CP10 Geligear 

Sat 1300-Sun 0400

James, Ryan F, (& Pete)

CP 10 Caerphilly

Sat 1500-Sun 0700

Vicky, Jon


Sat 1700-Sun- 1200

Joe, Up & Under, Sarah & Rod


 CP Locations

CP  CP Name Location Grid Ref Distance 100m Distance SW50 Food (water & coke at all) Hot water                 Tea/Coffee Drop Bag Cut Off  Time
1 Llantrisant End of Cyclepath, Main Rd, Llantrisant. ST 056 832 16k/10m n/a Sweets, Crisps, biscuits      N   W-Fri 1900                    R-Fri 2200
2 Glynogwr St Tyfodwg's Church, Glynogwr SS 956 872 30k/18m n/a Sweets, Biscuits, Crisps, Sandwhich       N   Sat 0100
3 Treorchy St Peters Parish Church Hall, Llewellyn St, Pentre, Treorchy SS 969 961 45k/28m n/a Veg Soup & Bread, (Jam, Peanut Butter Sandwhich) , Cake, Custard      Y   Sat 0400 
4 Hirwaun St Lleurwg's Church Hall, Station Rd, Hirwaun, Aberdare CF44 9TA SN 958 056 58k/36m n/a Stew, Rice Pudding, Peaches, Biscuits           Y   Sat 0700
5 Ystradfellte Ystradfellte, Village Hall SN 930 134 69k/43m n/a Sweets, Crisps, Biscuits, (access to drop bag & Hot Water)         Y Drop Bag 1 SW100 Sat 1000
6 Storey Arms Layby opposite Storey Arms, A470. Libanus, Brecon LD3 8NL SN 982 203 84k/52m n/a Soup, Rice Pudding, Fruit Salad, Sandwiches (cheese, Jam, or peanut butter)         Y   Sat 1300
7 Talybont res Talybont Reservior.  SO 107 203 102k/63.5m 20.5k/12.5 Sandwhich, Sweets, Biscuits,  Crisps,        N   Sat 1800
8 Trefil Trefil Rugby Club, Trefil Rd, Tredegar NP22 4EU SO 120 126 114k/70m 32k/19.5m Snacks, Fruit Salad (access to drop bag 2 -100 and drop bag 1 - 50)         Y Drop Bag 2 SW100; Drop bag SW50 Sat 2200
9 New Tredegar Railway station car park, James St, NP24 6EN SO 141 031 125k/77.5m 43k/27m Hot Dogs, Sweets, Biscuits, Crisps,         N   Sun 0100
10 Gelligaer Far End Glyn-Gaer Rd ST140 965 133k/83m 54k/32.5m Sandwhich, Sweets, Biscuits, Crisps,         N   Sun 0400
11 Caerphilly The Twyn Centre, Caerphilly, CF83 1JL ST 157 868 146k/91m 65k/40.5m Chips, Rice Pudding, Peaches, Biscuits         Y   Sun 0700
Finish Cardiff HSOB Rugby Club ST 139 805 161k /100.5m 80k/50m Soup & Role     Sun 1100
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