SW 100 & 50 Recce Days

There will be four recce days organised throughout the year, to allow you to familiarise yourself with the route and terrain before the big day!

You do not have to be entered into either race to take part in Recce days, so you are free to use them as training if you want or to get some experience on the course with a view to entering either race in the future.

How they work.

You will meet at the finish point at 7am, where we will organise bus transport to the start of the recce. You must bring a copy of the route description and map (in a waterproof mapcase), and download the gps route (if required). Runners usually then buddy up and run back to the cars. You should come fully self-suffiecnt with adequate food, water and kit for the duration of the recce. Please note that whilst there will be runners on the route who know the way, this is not guided, and the responsibility ultimately lies with you to navigate the way to the finish. 


1. Sunday 20th January - Cardiff to Treorchy- Section 1 of 100 route

2. Sunday 24th February -  Brecon to Parc Bryn Bach- Section 3 of 100 route (and first section of 50 route)

3. Sunday 24th March - Treorchy to Storey Arms- Section 2 of 100 route

4. Sunday 21st April - Parc Bryn Bach to Cardiff- Section 4 of 100 route (last section of 50 route).

Recce day costs are £10 per person, you can sign up for the days on the 'enter online page' or by contacting us here.



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